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GWTWidgets - Sphene's GWT Widgets

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Sphene's GWT Widgets

This will be a collection of widgets i created while developing applications using the Google Web Toolkit.

See Download on how to get and use Sphene's GWT Widgets - and the Javadoc

The souce code is licensed under LGPL 2.1 license.

Please leave a comment in the Forums if you have questions, problems, suggestions, etc.


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2007-05-24 22:45:42 Small slider bugfix:

The slider got a small bugfix which prevented it from working correctly if it was created in an invisible panel (like a non-selected TabPanel) - see also:
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2007-03-31 08:45:14 Rectangle Selector:

This is the third widget in the collection ;) it allows a user to select a rectangle area of an image (or similar).
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2007-03-10 00:32:07 Vertical Slider:

After aussiestaceus made the effort to implement her own version of a vertical slider i got motivated to try it myself .. and so GWT Widgets now also contains a 'VerticalSlider' which is basically 95% of the same code but displayed vertically. See the Slider examples on how it looks.. It seems to work quite good and there are only a few differences between the vertical and horizontal slider.
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2007-01-27 22:24:53 Added 'selectable maximum value' feature to Slider:

It is now possible to set a selectable minimum and maximum value while the slider as a whole would display a wider value range. See Slider example on how this looks ;)
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2007-01-27 10:58:09 New "Wizard" Widget:

I've now also added a small implementation for a Wizard framework. It is very much based on JFace's Wizards - only much simpler.
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Slider Widget

This is actually the only widget i currently made :)

As the name says it displays a slider which can be used to let users enter numeric values. It supports setting the minimum and maximum value as well as an interval. The default is a horizontal Slider, but there is also a VerticalSlider implementation.

Click here for an example of the Slider widget (Not that pretty yet)

It seems to work quite well in Firefox 2.0 and IE 6. Unfortunately, I didn't get it to work for Opera yet.


This is a "framework" to make it easy to create a multi step wizard. The basic design was pretty much borrowed from jface/swt/eclipse wizards. The idea is to have one Wizard class which is responsible for creating and managing the WizardPage's as well as handling 'Finish' and 'Cancel' clicks. WizardPage's are on their own responsible for displaying one step of the wizard and verifying user input. WizardDialog's then take one Wizard and display them to the user and create widgets and buttons around the WizardPages.

There is currently only one WizardDialog implementation which is based on a slightly modified StackedPanel

See the javadoc or examples for more information.

Rectangle Selector

Allows you to display a rectangle selector above an image so the user can select a specific region in that image…

(In that specific example you first have to adjust the zoom with the vertical slider)